tenant environment.

Two MarketPointe accommodates the ever-changing needs of your business.

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Companies today need to be flexible, nimble and quick to respond, yet conventional corporate offices are quickly obsolete once staffing and equipment changes are needed. Two MarketPointe features easily modifiable occupant and equipment layouts, ensuring your business’s success is not constrained by the walls of your office.


Featuring 10-foot high ceilings and a raised floor system with underfloor HVAC distribution, Two MarketPointe provides ultimate interior design flexibility and the freedom to reconfigure your space easily and quickly in the future:
Underfloor delivery of ventilation, power, data and voice provides unlimited flexibility in configuring and reconfiguring your space
Floor mounted plug-and-play voice/data/power outlets are convenient and versatile
modular wiring and cabling system installs quickly for a shorter time to occupancy
access to individual users can be brought through the floor at any location, avoiding costly and time-consuming rewiring as well as pricey wired workstations
work stations can be reconfigured easily and inexpensively with minimal disruption
Seamless integration with pre-manufactured, sustainable walls means your design doesn’t need to be “final”
High ceilings are ideal for an open cubicle layout
Reduced Churn Costs
Corporate offices are typically reconfigured at a rate of 40% per year. The costs of internal moves or reconfiguration of space can be reduced by up to 50% with the plug-and-play infrastructure, underfloor air delivery and sustainable walls.

Health and Productivity

When asked what a company’s most valuable resource is, most company leaders will tell you it is their employees. Two MarketPointe is designed to:
Increase employee productivity
Enhance employee health
Further employee comfort
Improve employee retention and recruiting
Reduce employee absenteeism
The latest in modern office systems, technology and design features proven to accomplish the above are only available at Two MarketPointe:

A unique under floor air delivery (UFAD) provides employees individual control air flow volume and direction in their immediate area improving comfort and reducing complaints. Studies show that having individual control of temperature can increase productivity by 3.6%*.
UFAD brings fresh air closer to employees and reduces mixing of airborne pollutants spreading less illness and reducing sick days.
Environmentally sensitive paints, carpets adhesives and other finishes improve indoor air quality. Studies have shown that buildings with higher indoor air quality have reduced absenteeism by 1-2%.
Floor-to-ceiling glass around 100% of the building perimeter increases natural light — a concept that is proven to increase worker productivity up to 5%*. Other studies of school-aged children show an improvement of 20% on test scores when daylighting practices are used.
10-foot ceilings, which studies have correlated with improved problem solving skills and freer, more abstract thinking.**
Indirect/direct pendant light fixtures provide enhanced visibility for desktop tasks while preventing glare on computer monitors and reducing eye strain. High performance lighting is proven to enhance employee productivity by up to 6.7%*.
An on-site fitness center equipped with treadmills, elliptical trainers and Nautilus machines give employees an option to work out on-site helping them to stay fit.
An upscale casual restaurant and an everyday food service within the building give employees more food options and decrease the desire for a lengthy lunch trip outside of the building.
How does employee satisfaction and productivity affect your bottom line? If an average salary is $75,000 and you have four employees for every 1,000 SF of space, the cost of employee wages is approximately $300/SF. Therefore, an increase of even 1% in employee productivity could yield savings of $3/SF.